Selected Works

The following story earned a Recommended Reading citation from Dark Sky Magazine:

On the tarmac at the Acapulco airport, after twelve hours of traveling and in the heat of late afternoon, I faint. Three elderly women surround me. I can hear their voices calling to the officials, Ayuda! La senora…ayuda! Ayuda! (Click to read more).


This essay was solicited for and reprinted in Menda City Review, June 2009.

I had been reading that address you left in Richmond, along with the tattered scrapbook, your cards and letters to women in Southern states I’d never visited, places I should’ve spent summers arriving as Ruthie’s youngest granddaughter from California, Ruthie’s granddaughter who’ll ruby if she’s left in the sun too long, a girl who’s never seen fireflies or hunted possums on hot nights with cousins through the Arkansas hills. (Click to read more).